AR.Drone Nav Data

There are parts of the Parrot AR.Drone that are rather underdocumented, and one of those is getting the navigation data.  Once you activate the nav data, it doesn’t send the data directly to you. Instead, it sends it to the muticast address.

Which is great and all. That means you can have one person controlling on their laptop and a bunch of other people watching the nav data on their own systems. But it’d be nice if their docs told you this.

There’s also a way to get it to unicast to your address, but they certainly don’t lay that out.

Anyway, the good news is, I can receive the AR.Drone’s nav data now, which is a big milestone for the 0.2 release.

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2 Responses to AR.Drone Nav Data

  1. jordan says:

    Could you tell me exactly how you extracted the nav data? the code also please

    • Timm Murray says:

      As I said in the post, it’s not exactly all laid out in the docs. The short of it is, send data on UDP port 5554 (doesn’t matter what, just send some). The UAV will then stream the nav data over UDP back on that same port, but to a multicast address. If you didn’t setup the socket to receive multicast data, you won’t get it.

      Code is up on github:

      I would start by looking at bin/ and work back to the module code from there.

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