What would you like to see from an ebook on programming the Raspberry Pi in Perl?

I guess the title says it all.

We’re well past the time when Perl should have an ebook about programming on the Raspberry Pi, so let’s fix that. I’d like to get a feel for what people will want to get out of this.

It will probably be based around Steve Bertrand’s series of RPi::* modules. We’ll expand from there into web projects (Device::WebIO::Dancer), capturing from the camera (GStreamer1), and interfacing with Arduino (Device::Firmata).

For i2c/SPI examples, we’ll show how to interface directly with some low-cost sensors. Tentatively, these will be an accelerometer for SPI (ADXL345) and a temperature sensor for i2c (MPL115A2). Both are available with breakout boards from Adafruit and Sparkfun.

Then there will be real project examples, such as a garage door opener and a temperature logger.

Here’s my chapter outline so far:

  • Introduction
  • RPi Models, Basic Setup, and Tools/Hardware You Need
  • GPIO [blink an LED, read from a switch, pullups/pulldowns]
  • SPI [ADXL345 accelerometer?]
  • i2c [MPL115A2 temperature sensor?]
  • Camera [GStreamer1]
  • Serial [GPS]
  • Expanding with Firmata
  • Interfacing from the Web [Device::WebIO]
  • PWM and Analog Input
  • Asynchronous code
  • Build Project: Garage Door Opener
  • Build Project: Temperature Logger

And there’s even a start on a cover:

ProgrammingThe Raspberry Pi

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17 Responses to What would you like to see from an ebook on programming the Raspberry Pi in Perl?

  1. Mark Fowler says:

    I’d really like to see something to do with “the other end” of home automation. So I’d like to see how to be able to trigger a process on the raspberry pi by issuing a command to Alexa. Or by HomeKit. Or via IFTTT. Etc.

    • Timm Murray says:

      Not a bad idea. It’s been on my TODO list to learn, but I don’t have much experience with it at this point. Might also be deep enough to warrant an ebook all its own.

  2. anonymous says:

    I would like to see (i don’t know how much it possible to do this)

    1.interaction with gps
    2.Building Project : Spy Camera for detecting motions ,faces with openCV
    3.Building Porject :Security Porject : Turning your Rasberry pi to honeypot with perl /or Security Porject : Tracking Fast Flux DNS IP addresses and showing them on googlemaps using Perl

    • Timm Murray says:
      1. GPS is definitely planned
      2. Good project idea; will probably include this
      3. Less sure on this one. It’s aimed more as a hardware book, and a honeypot is mostly software setup.
  3. Julio Fraire says:

    A nice addition, given that you are thinking of asynchronous code, would be AnyEvent::MQTT. MQTT is used for home automation, it is very simple to work with, and works really nice with headless RPi.

  4. eric_glb says:

    I guess a chapter about how to build a GUI in Perl SDL in order to use a PiTFT touchscreen (framebuffer, no X11) should interest some people not willing to use Python/Pygame.
    An example of build project for this may be a webradio using mpd as backend.

    • Timm Murray says:

      I do have some experience with writing GUIs in Perl (though not in SDL), but not a lot. I’d like to aim things more to interfacing with hardware in ways unique to the Pi, rather than software that could be done on any Linux box. The PiTFT touchscreen may be unique, but touchscreens in general aren’t that specific.

      • eric_glb says:

        I understand.
        I had struggled several years ago with/against Perl SDL to write a GUI for a PiTFT touchscreen, and found there’s a lack of information about this (unless using pygame)… Therefore I’m a bit oriented about what I would like to see from an ebook on programming the Raspberry Pi in Perl.

  5. Steve Bertrand says:

    Hi Tim, Steve here, the author of the mentioned RPi::* distributions. I’ve been considering writing a book, so please, if you need any assistance whatsoever, let me know.

    I’ve got hundreds of sensors, motors, ICs, GPS you name it, so I could even potentially help out with some photographs of some various projects I’ve already completed, or can build for the book.

    If desired, I can even put together a list of all the various “toys” I’ve got for the Pi/Arduino to possibly help build a roadmap.

    Also, if anyone has any suggestions for my software or its documentation, feel free to contact me (my contact details are on my CPAN page).

  6. Steve Bertrand says:

    Also, for the record, I’ve build an in-operation indoor grow room environment controller (temp/fans, humidity/humidifier, grow lamp timer, moisture sensors etc), so that’s one complete project that can be thrown in if desired.

  7. Jens Rehsack says:

    You mean something similar offered for next GPW (http://act.yapc.eu/gpw2018/workshops/embedded.html). I strongly suggest adding a chapter regarding field updates and security fixes. I also recommend remind people that unattended apt-get upgrade will cause trouble in field.

  8. Jack B says:

    Cover some software that IS written in Perl that people use on the Raspberry PI. For example, FHEM and Zoneminder, a lot of zoneminder is written in Perl).

    I’ve tinkered with both for home automation and security.

    I’ve also spent a lot of time translating Python or PHP projects to Perl. I wish those projects were in Perl.

  9. Richard Noble says:

    Working with the bluetooth libraries so we don’t have to use Python for beacon work….

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