Announcing: The Great UAV::Pilot Split

The main UAV::Pilot distro was getting too big. The WumpusRover server had already been spun off into its own distribution, and now the same is happening for many other portions of the system.


  • UAV::Pilot hasn’t been passing CPAN smoke testing because of the ffmpeg dependency. Splitting that off means the main distro can still be tested.
  • There’s no reason to get the WumpusRover stuff if you just want to play with the AR.Drone
  • General aim towards making UAV::Pilot into the DBI of Drones

UAV::Pilot itself will contain all the basic roles used to build UAV clients and servers, as well as what video handling we can do in pure Perl.

UAV::Pilot::Video::Ffmpeg will have the non-pure Perl video decoding.

UAV::Pilot::SDL will take the current SDL handling, such as for joysticks and video display.

UAV::Pilot::ARDrone and UAV::Pilot::WumpusRover will take the client end of things for thier respective drones.

I expect the first release to have interdependency issues. I’ve tested things out on a clean install, but I still might have missed something. I’m going to be watching the CPAN smoke test reports closely and filling in fixes as they come.